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X528 Founders NFTs

Join in the private sale of the next cryptocurrency to explode 2023 and get whitelisted for a limited edition X528 Founders NFT. Holders of the NFT will receive "X528 Founder" status, special access to a channel on the X528 Discord server, along with other exclusive X528 giveaways and events. In addition, X528 Founders NFT holders will receive a 10% staking reward multiplier on their tokens. 


The X528 Founders collection will be available for "lazy mint" on OpenSea where the NFTs can be auctioned. The staking rewards multiplier and rights that are attached to each NFT are transferrable.

X528 Founders Club
X528 Founders Club
X528 Founders Club
X528 Founders Club
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X528 Founders Club
X528 Founders Club
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